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As featured on It's Nice That

Hello! If you've landed here, you may have found me via my TikTok
 where I seem to have amassed a following of 85K followers and global views of over 15 million!

I'm James, a sometime documentary photographer and filmmaker, who has spent the last 15 years recording my parents' everyday actions on camera.

My parents are quite unusual. They have been married for nearly 60 years, have 9 children, and 25 grandchildren.


Here is the project explained:


Combining a mix of low-fi video and photography equipment, James has created an intimate body of work that showcases the mundane beauty of his parents' ordinary lives.

Through a series of short films, James's parents are captured in various scenarios, from grocery shopping to dinner table arguments. Although aware that they are being filmed, they act naturally, allowing the camera to record their every expression, action and conversation in unflinching detail. The then heavily edited footage moves at a fast pace, with particular phrases and words emphasised using large bold typography.

James's videos, with their absurd, grotesque, and humorous qualities, capture quintessential British behaviour, portraying relatable and endearing moments that are both comforting and beautiful.


The accompanying portraiture showcases how his parent's have changed over the years, offering an intimate and revealing snapshot of a simple and ordinary life together.

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